Scheduling Your Time

So, this week has been a little hectic for me as I have lined up several paying gigs.  But, I didn’t want to neglect the blog, so I want to talk to you today about scheduling your time.

Time is something people can’t seem to get enough of.  There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything we need to get done, actually finished.  So, the best way to overcome this obstacle of time, is to budget your time the same way you would your money, and stick to it.

First, you need to layout all of your tasks.  Include everything from all the cleaning duties, to making time for your kids, and all of your projects.  Break these down in importance in each category.  Now, schedule your day based on each of these categories and what needs to be tackled. 

If you have allotted time for all your cleaning, and have made time for your kids and your projects, you are through half the battle.  The other half is making sure you stick to it.  Look at this example schedule:

5:00AM: Wake Up, Check email and reply

5:30AM: Work on Project for Client 1 (Closest Deadline First)

6:30AM: Get kids up and fed.  Play with them for a little bit.

8:30AM: Clean up the house.

9:00AM: Work on Projects

10AM:  Break to Entertain Children

11AM: Start Prepping Lunch and cleaning

12PM: Serve lunch, kids down for nap

1PM: Work on Projects, Check email, surf the net, relax

3PM: Kids  up from nap, entertain them/run errands

5PM: Prep Dinner and serve.

6PM: Clean up Dinner, play with kids

7:30PM: Bath, Story and Bed prep

8:30PM: Kids down for the night

8:45PM-whenever you crash:  Finish Daily activities, prepare for next day!

Schedules like this make sure that all of your duties are met, and you don’t do too much of one thing for long to keep your day interesting.  If you don’t plan and schedule, you’ll never make it!