Scheduling Your Time

So, this week has been a little hectic for me as I have lined up several paying gigs.  But, I didn’t want to neglect the blog, so I want to talk to you today about scheduling your time.

Time is something people can’t seem to get enough of.  There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything we need to get done, actually finished.  So, the best way to overcome this obstacle of time, is to budget your time the same way you would your money, and stick to it.

First, you need to layout all of your tasks.  Include everything from all the cleaning duties, to making time for your kids, and all of your projects.  Break these down in importance in each category.  Now, schedule your day based on each of these categories and what needs to be tackled. 

If you have allotted time for all your cleaning, and have made time for your kids and your projects, you are through half the battle.  The other half is making sure you stick to it.  Look at this example schedule:

5:00AM: Wake Up, Check email and reply

5:30AM: Work on Project for Client 1 (Closest Deadline First)

6:30AM: Get kids up and fed.  Play with them for a little bit.

8:30AM: Clean up the house.

9:00AM: Work on Projects

10AM:  Break to Entertain Children

11AM: Start Prepping Lunch and cleaning

12PM: Serve lunch, kids down for nap

1PM: Work on Projects, Check email, surf the net, relax

3PM: Kids  up from nap, entertain them/run errands

5PM: Prep Dinner and serve.

6PM: Clean up Dinner, play with kids

7:30PM: Bath, Story and Bed prep

8:30PM: Kids down for the night

8:45PM-whenever you crash:  Finish Daily activities, prepare for next day!

Schedules like this make sure that all of your duties are met, and you don’t do too much of one thing for long to keep your day interesting.  If you don’t plan and schedule, you’ll never make it!


Virtual Vocations

I’m simply at a loss of words this week. I can’t seem to find motivation or topics to cover and I’m not sure why I’ve lost so much steam lately. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I’ve come down with something that closely resembles the flu, thought I had some profitable writing opportunities come my way, only to have them be scams, or entirely not worth my time…. Whatever it is, I am still going to plunge forward with this blog and try to keep my spirits up.

So today, I thought about covering a site that I have been using for work at home jobs. The website is There is a $15.99 subscription fee each month, but it can be reduced if you purchase a longer subscription period initially. Now, I was skeptical at first, as the general rule is that you should never pay for job listings, but I think it’s worth it. All of the jobs listed on the site either point you to the direct listing, or provide contact information for the job. None of them requires an upfront payment. The job leads are found from a variety of places and are updated at least daily, sometimes frequently thought. I tried it for a month. While I did not find anything profitable, I know that I could if I kept at it, but this month the $16.00 seemed more important in my pocket.

And, you can even take a look at the jobs without having to pay to subscribe. The subscription is only required to view the contact information or the application. So, you can even look and judge for yourself as to whether or not it is worth it to you.

Best of luck in finding a work at home opportunity, and maintain your dream of staying home with your children.

Becoming a Writer for Associated Content

In an effort to show appreciation for the opportunities that have spawned from my becoming a content producer for Associated Content, I have compiled a list of reasons as to why I love them so.

Establishing a Name:  Starting a freelance career is rough.  In freelancing anything, you need experience to show to potential clients, and it can be bothersome trying to get it all together.  In fact, I am still working on my freelance web design career, and for now, the writing is proving more fruitful.  With freelancing, you need examples of work completed, and in many cases, that is hard to do.  Using Associated Content, you can write about anything and everything and use it as a portfolio later to market yourself to a variety of clients seeking various topics. 

Freedom of Topic:  Unlike many paid writing positions, Associated Content offers you the freedom to choose your topics.  This gives you the ability to write about what you know, leading to increased productivity because you do not have to research the topic (as much) as you would for another project.

Freedom of Schedule: Associated Content places no deadlines, (excluding the Calls for Content), no minimums, and no maximums, so you are free to write whenever you want, as much or as little as you want.  When you need some extra cash, write a few articles.  If you get busy, or find another writing project that will prove more profitable, it is okay.  You should though, write at least one article every three months, to keep the account active.

The Money:  Okay, I would be lying if I did not mention that I like the money.  It is not going to make me rich, but you can earn money while you establish your name.  It is better than writing for nothing at all, right?  And, of course with the new payment system for page views, you can earn money continuously on articles you write, even after the upfront payment.  This will build up slowly, but if you are good at internet marketing, you should be able to earn even more money that way. The pay is always given to you on time, and there is no minimum account balance to maintain before payment (except that the Calls for Content which require a minimum of $1.50/month).

The Community:  Not only does Associated Content have plenty of articles to keep you entertained and plenty of room for more that you write, they have a forum, which allows you to connect with the admin, and other fellow writers.  The forums help you learn about AC, and you can meet other members to subscribe to and earn yourself some page views.

The Calls for Content:  This feature of AC is great for getting some page views, as most of the calls are for the hot search engine content.  And, it’s even better for you if you are suffering from writers block and have no clue what to do.  Many of them though are performance payment only though.  That may sound like a turn off, but I earned an incredible amount in page views just from one article done from a Call for Content.

There are many other reasons to sign up and enjoy Associated Content, so get started right away!

If you are like me, you are constantly looking for more ways to make money online without getting scammed. If you’re interested in making money for blogging, check this out.

Cruising on some message boards a few weeks back, I found an opportunity to become a paid blogger with no experience.  This is excellent for me, as I would love to get my foot into that door, but have not been able to do so yet with the lack of a well-established blog.

Anyway, the opportunity is for  To be a blogger, you must visit this website and apply.  You should hear something back within a few days, and be ready to get started.

The concept behind the program is that one person in each zip code will blog about their local area, and it will be posted on a .net page with their zip code.  For example, my work can be seen at It is a bit demanding at five posts per week for only $50 a month, but it is still in trial stages.  Weekly, they send out a survey to get feedback from bloggers so they can see what kind of payment regimen to implement later when this goes full blast.  The good news is the blogs do not have to be long, so it really does not take much time, and it is a guaranteed amount every month, paid via Paypal.  There is not a set length of the blogs, but they do say to keep them short, bite sized, so as not overwhelm the readers with text.  They are processing January payments soon, so I have yet to see how that goes, but well, I hope.

I am glad I got in on it early, as I can grow and roll with the changes the program may instate in the future.  The program started in Seattle and surrounding areas, and it is my understanding that many zip codes are still open.  If you are accepted as a blogger, there are quite a few guidelines to follow and lots of tips and topic ideas to start with.  The page they set up for the zip code you are writing for has restaurant reviews and stuff like that, and you are encouraged to write about the things that display on the page with your blog.

I am enjoying it so far and I think you will too!  Take the survey and wait to see what they say, and be sure to let me know if you were accepted.  They just announced $25.00 for referrals, so let them know that sent you!  I received my first payment from them today via PayPal, so I know they are legit.  Happy writing!


So, if you’re an avid myspacer, or facebooker, or general social networker, I found something on the’s message boards today that may interest you. is a myspace clone like site.  You get all the features of myspace (from what I’ve seen so far) except you get a monthly revenue sharing payment.  Of course, the more referrals you have, the more earning potential there is.  So, I’m asking you all to embark on this new journey with me, and sign up with my link:

What’s the worst that could happen?  You do these things anyway, and if you’re reading this blog, you’re either looking for parenting tips or information on working at home.  There’s a video that explains the whole thing, and they are very honest with you about earning potential, and how the revenue share changes from month to month.  And, they define what counts as a “Page View” which is what earns you money.  It doesn’t seem like much, but it will add up (I hope) and become somewhat profitable.  Even if I only make enough for a tank of gas a month, it will help, right?

So once again, if you are interested, please sign up with this link:  When you get there, leave me a comment and let me know you did. 

Here’s to Moms helping Moms, and earning money for almost nothing!

I found this program through a work at home message board.  It’s a new program in beta, so I’m sure they are still working out kinks.  Right now, they are paying 60 cents per review, and you can easily do 15 to 20 in an hour.  So, that equates to some good money, if you do it enough.  They pay through paypal for 20 reviews, and then every 50 after that.  They will pay you a portion of the adsense revenue, but it’s not in place yet.  So, if you want to check it out, sign up at  I’m not sure if there’s any sort of referal program in place, but if there is, tell them sent ya, and we’ll learn more together.

Places to Look for Work at Home

I’ve spent a lot of time searching the internet for free, valid, work at home leads.  Here are few places you can go to look. (Check the forum there, it’s more updated than the listings)

I will continue my research and add more if I come across them.