V-Smile Gaming Systems

My post today deals with the V-Smile TV Console for children ages 3-8. I want to let everyone know of the wonderful experience I have had with the system since I received it as a gift for my son for Christmas 2006.

My son plays games on the system daily. It’s part of the learning activities we do each day. He has several games, and I’m continuing to purchase them as often as I can afford them.

The system itself ranges about $40-$50 at Wal-Mart. It comes with one controller and a game. The default game I found was not very conducive to learning for my son’s age (2 at the time; he turned 3 a few weeks after Christmas) and I feel like it’s more for the upper end of the age range that the system caters to. After a few weeks of experimentation, he figured it out, though. You can get the system in pink for girls, or orange for boys.

After learning about what the more expensive system comes with, and spending much too money on batteries–I would have opted for the $80-$100 system that comes with two controllers, the power adapter, and an additional game. I say this because, by the time I spent $15 on the extra controller, $20 on the additional game, and $10 on the power adapter I would have come out ahead.

I am upset that I have an older system, as the newer system comes with a microphone and controllers with a writing pad and stylus. I can get the newer controllers, but haven’t been able to find a microphone to go with my system.

The games are a bit pricey for how many there are and how many my child screams for, running from $15-$20 each. But, when you think about it, it’s a very smart investment in your child’s education. They use characters that your child knows and loves to teach them everything from basic colors and shapes all the way up to more advanced subjects like math. You can check ebay and find good deals, too.

Now that the system has been available for awhile, there are all kinds of attachements and accessories that you can purchase to enhance your child’s learning experience and playtime. There’s a gym mat with a game to encourage exercise. (I haven’t purchased it yet, as they were sold out when I went looking for it at Christmas. It’s being heavily considered as a Birthday gift *my son turns 4 on the 12th* as he’s requested nothing but V-Smile stuff for his birthday.) There’s also an art studio, and a computer keyboard with a game to teach keyboarding skills for older childen. The accessories run about $30 each at Walmart.

You could pour hundreds of dollars into games and accessories for this system, and right about the time your child outgrows it and graduates to another type of V-Smile system, you’ll have everything for it.

I’ll really say it’s worth it though, because instead of throwing him in front of the TV with cartoons while I wash dishes, I can encourage his learning and improve his education. He never requires assistance playing the games, or even switching from one game to another. I leave it connected to his TV all the time, though.

I’ve had a few issues with the power adapter needing some wiggling to keep the system on, but other than that, error free!

This is certainly one of the best gifts ever given to my son, and I recommend it for all. The V-Smile Baby system made it’s debut after my son was too old for it, but if I ever have another child, I’ll invest in that one, too.