Becoming a Writer for Associated Content

In an effort to show appreciation for the opportunities that have spawned from my becoming a content producer for Associated Content, I have compiled a list of reasons as to why I love them so.

Establishing a Name:  Starting a freelance career is rough.  In freelancing anything, you need experience to show to potential clients, and it can be bothersome trying to get it all together.  In fact, I am still working on my freelance web design career, and for now, the writing is proving more fruitful.  With freelancing, you need examples of work completed, and in many cases, that is hard to do.  Using Associated Content, you can write about anything and everything and use it as a portfolio later to market yourself to a variety of clients seeking various topics. 

Freedom of Topic:  Unlike many paid writing positions, Associated Content offers you the freedom to choose your topics.  This gives you the ability to write about what you know, leading to increased productivity because you do not have to research the topic (as much) as you would for another project.

Freedom of Schedule: Associated Content places no deadlines, (excluding the Calls for Content), no minimums, and no maximums, so you are free to write whenever you want, as much or as little as you want.  When you need some extra cash, write a few articles.  If you get busy, or find another writing project that will prove more profitable, it is okay.  You should though, write at least one article every three months, to keep the account active.

The Money:  Okay, I would be lying if I did not mention that I like the money.  It is not going to make me rich, but you can earn money while you establish your name.  It is better than writing for nothing at all, right?  And, of course with the new payment system for page views, you can earn money continuously on articles you write, even after the upfront payment.  This will build up slowly, but if you are good at internet marketing, you should be able to earn even more money that way. The pay is always given to you on time, and there is no minimum account balance to maintain before payment (except that the Calls for Content which require a minimum of $1.50/month).

The Community:  Not only does Associated Content have plenty of articles to keep you entertained and plenty of room for more that you write, they have a forum, which allows you to connect with the admin, and other fellow writers.  The forums help you learn about AC, and you can meet other members to subscribe to and earn yourself some page views.

The Calls for Content:  This feature of AC is great for getting some page views, as most of the calls are for the hot search engine content.  And, it’s even better for you if you are suffering from writers block and have no clue what to do.  Many of them though are performance payment only though.  That may sound like a turn off, but I earned an incredible amount in page views just from one article done from a Call for Content.

There are many other reasons to sign up and enjoy Associated Content, so get started right away!


One Response to “Becoming a Writer for Associated Content”

  1. thebarefoot Says:

    I did that once. Thanks for picking up the torch. It’s exhausting dealing with the newbies.

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