If you are like me, you are constantly looking for more ways to make money online without getting scammed. If you’re interested in making money for blogging, check this out.

Cruising on some message boards a few weeks back, I found an opportunity to become a paid blogger with no experience.  This is excellent for me, as I would love to get my foot into that door, but have not been able to do so yet with the lack of a well-established blog.

Anyway, the opportunity is for  To be a blogger, you must visit this website and apply.  You should hear something back within a few days, and be ready to get started.

The concept behind the program is that one person in each zip code will blog about their local area, and it will be posted on a .net page with their zip code.  For example, my work can be seen at It is a bit demanding at five posts per week for only $50 a month, but it is still in trial stages.  Weekly, they send out a survey to get feedback from bloggers so they can see what kind of payment regimen to implement later when this goes full blast.  The good news is the blogs do not have to be long, so it really does not take much time, and it is a guaranteed amount every month, paid via Paypal.  There is not a set length of the blogs, but they do say to keep them short, bite sized, so as not overwhelm the readers with text.  They are processing January payments soon, so I have yet to see how that goes, but well, I hope.

I am glad I got in on it early, as I can grow and roll with the changes the program may instate in the future.  The program started in Seattle and surrounding areas, and it is my understanding that many zip codes are still open.  If you are accepted as a blogger, there are quite a few guidelines to follow and lots of tips and topic ideas to start with.  The page they set up for the zip code you are writing for has restaurant reviews and stuff like that, and you are encouraged to write about the things that display on the page with your blog.

I am enjoying it so far and I think you will too!  Take the survey and wait to see what they say, and be sure to let me know if you were accepted.  They just announced $25.00 for referrals, so let them know that sent you!  I received my first payment from them today via PayPal, so I know they are legit.  Happy writing!


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