Learning Activities for your Three-Year-Old

If you are looking for some activities to do at home during the day with your three-year-old child, then look no further.  Even though everyone says the two’s are terrible, the three’s are often worse as your child reaches a stage of self-discovery and independence that can be frustrating for us parents.  Look to these activities to help your child learn and to make your day fun for the both of you.

Three year olds are very reluctant to be still, so running and chasing activities are a great way to keep them occupied.  Though you will tire of it before they will, it will almost ensure a nap later on in the day. 

Three year olds are very eager to help in any way they can, and want to be included in everything.  To make getting work around the house done a little easier, enlist your child for help.  Do not stress if they do not want to help, but you will find that they like to help you wash dishes and will even tote laundry to the washing machine or to the dryer for you.  Even though it is not much and you probably will not get it out of them every time you ask, it does help you because you get things done while knowing that your little one is not off getting into trouble.  Stress that they are a good helper and they will become even more eager to help, and be sure to show them the accomplishment and thank them many times.

Now is a good time to introduce them to the kitchen.  You can find preschool friendly recipes all over the internet.  I suggest Rice Krispy treats, or trail mix.  They enjoy helping and really enjoy eating their snack later, especially knowing that they made it.

In addition to the more intense physical play, helping around the house, and socializing, bring more into the arts and crafts.  Try using play-doh or finger paint.  It makes a mess that is easy to clean up so it is as equally stress free as it is fun.  Teaching the child to help you clean up is a great way to get them started cleaning up after themselves, and if you ask nicely, they should have no problem.

At this point, it should be easy to have the child saying the alphabet and they should have some interest in reading.  Phonics toys that teach letter sounds and simple flashcards will help them learn to read.  Start with some simple handwriting exercises, and you will be on your way past kindergarten in no time. Search “preschool handwriting activities” in Google, and you will have plenty of information and worksheets readily available!  A great toy for teaching phonics is Fridge Phonics by LeapFrog, and runs about $20 at Wal-Mart.

Next in my series, see activities for your four-year old.  Also, be sure to check out activities for your one-year-old, and/or your two-year-old.


4 Responses to “Learning Activities for your Three-Year-Old”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Great post for these wintery, cooped-up-in-the-house months! Thanks!

  2. Learn To Read With Phonics Says:

    […] Learning Activities for your Three-Year-Old […]

  3. pooja Says:

    amazing post……:) looking forward for your next post….:)

  4. lwatrous Says:

    Thank you so much, it’s people like you who actually let me know you’re reading this that keep me going. Since I just started I’m learning with the rest of the blog world.

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