Working at Home: Tips on how to land a job

Many people wish to leave their day job for a trade off to begin working at home. I’ve been searching for a steady source of income that I can earn at home for over a year now, and I thought I would offer the following tips for finding work at home.

Be Realistic. Do not pay for a job opportunity. It’s more than likely not a job opportunity at all, be part of a scam. I have fallen victim to this before. Luckily for me, it was only a $15 investment to get “training materials” in a data entry job. Turns out the “job” is posting ads like the one I responded to, asking for $15 dollars to get the same information I had been given with my $15 payment. If you ask me, that’s stupid, and I definitely learned my lesson.

Be careful in the search string you use. You are less likely, but will still pull search results that are scams, if you use words like “telecommute” in your search over “Work at Home”. You can find lists of companies that hire telecommuters, but realize that they may not all have openings, and that when they do, they are in high demand. Also, carefully search any job listings you find because they stash them in all kinds of categories that I didn’t think to look at originally.

Post Resumes. Post your resume on several sites, specifying that you are looking for at home opportunities. It won’t necessary stop a scammer from targeting you with the “job of your dreams” or the job that will seemingly answer to all your prayers, but it always helps to be both actively and passively searching.

Search big name job boards. The big name job boards like and list telecommuter jobs too! Those are often overlooked at first because people think that they only list conventional jobs. There may not be as many of them, but they are there.

Don’t give up. It will take much more hard work in finding an at home position than a conventional one. Search many times over a period of time, and in lots of places. Remember where you found things for free. Do a lot of digging before you pay for a work at home job directory. You will find something soon. Though I’ve found only freelance positions like writing articles for Associated Content; but, I’m still plugging along and for now, AC will provide more than doing nothing at all does.

Stay tuned for more Work at Home related articles, as I plan to create a mini-series of them to cover all sorts of aspects behind working at home. Hopefully these tips will be a great help to you in your searching.

Check out my Associated Content page here. And, sign up to become a contributing authoring here. I will post another blog about Associated Content within the next few days. 🙂 And, these links will open in a new window.


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